Bridgend Golf - Driving Range
Bridgend Golf - Driving Range
Bridgend Golf - find the pink ball
Bridgend Golf - Driving Range

Bridgend Golf Driving Range

Safety Rules under Covid 19 Restrictions


If you are ill or have symptoms stay at home. 

Government restrictions mean that only local people may come to the site.

Please bring you own golf clubs and equipment as we will not be hiring these at present. 

Wash your golf equipment and hands before leaving home. 

It would be advisable to bring your own sanitizer with you when you visit and wash your hands again when you arrive home. 


The Driving Range is only partially open to ensure that Social Distancing is adhered to at all times.  Only every other bay is in use.

Customers must bring their own golf clubs.  We are not able to hire clubs at present.

Only one customer at a time may enter the building to pay for baskets of balls. Contactless payment.

Safety instructions will be posted at each individual bay.

Avoid touching surfaces unnecessarily.

Do not remove tees from the mats.

Please return empty basket to the grey doors where they will be sanitised before use by another customer.

When you have finished your basket, please exit via the side gate to the car park and leave Bridgend Golf promptly as gatherings are not permitted.

We are very pleased to be partially open, but please help us to ensure that we comply with Covid Restrictions which are in place to keep us all safe.  

Anyone ignoring these rules will be instructed to immediately leave the premises.

Failure to comply may result in closure.

Full Basket
(60 Balls)

Half Basket
(30 Balls)

Find the Pink Ball and win a free basket of balls.

Full basket is eligible for a loyalty stamp.
Half basket is not eligible for a loyalty stamp.